Your brand is your most rapid communicator

It can represent your value in a flash, form solidarity with your audience, and gain both fans and business.

But in most cases, it’s not something your customer can touch, move, or walk in.


TEC doesn’t do ordinary. We know your brand is one of a kind — so we ideate and execute environments that capture your ingenuity in physical, three-dimensional form.

After getting to know your brand, product, and target audience inside and out, we meld inventive ideas with strategic marketing tactics. The result is an environment that engages your customers tangibly while heightening your image—and spurring action.


Each of our environments is founded in careful strategy that strives to reach your ultimate objectives—and leave you with a major ROI. We customize this strategy to your goals, needs, and current resources—through deep research, consulting, market analysis, trade show selection, and beyond.

The result is an environment that integrates strategic marketing, promotes your products, and drives sales through a sensory and vivid experience.


Environments thrive off of gorgeous fabrication. At The Exhibit Company, Inc., we’re experts at conceptualizing, creating, and designing environments with an array of materials and technology. We work with wood, metal, acrylics, and beyond to create the physical assets your brand needs to invite and inspire.

Ready for your next event?

Let us take it to the next level!

The Exhibit Company, Inc.
With innate creativity, original designs, and efficient technology, we conceive and create extraordinary displays— tradeshow booths, store environments, strategic events, and more — that bring your brand to life.