Your brand is your most rapid communicator

Environmental branding represents your value in a real-life atmosphere that easily conveys what your company brings to the table when people pass your booth.

In most cases, people can’t touch, see, or feel your brand; it’s an intangible element of your business. With the right environmental branding design, however, the notion of intangibility is turned on its head.
At The Exhibit Company, Inc., welcome to a world where your customers can move within the walls of your company and feel your vision and mission in real life.


TEC brings your brand to vivid life. In a tangible, 3D world, we craft strategic displays for events and trade show exhibits, as well as permanent and pop-up retail installations.

Our service menu includes:

  • Awe-inspiring showrooms
  • Architectural design
  • Corporate lobbies
  • Memorable trade show booths
  • Much more

As an environmental branding company that’s proud of our 50-year history, we’ll work with you to highlight your most powerful attributes. We’ll generate an environment that’s unique to you — using deep strategy and vibrant imagination — to create an experience that’s unforgettable to your customers. Let us help bring your brand to life.

Maybe you have a million great ideas or have no idea where to begin. That’s where we can help. When you have a team of experts on hand, you’ll enjoy a well-designed showroom, lobby, retail display or other space that will wow customers. TEC has the resources, experience, and respect within the industry to get your job done right the first time. We handle the details so you can focus on everything else you need to do. Once you’ve worked with our environmental branding agency, you’ll never want to go it alone again.


TEC doesn’t do ordinary. We know your brand is one of a kind — so we ideate and execute environments that capture your ingenuity in physical, three-dimensional form.

After getting to know your brand, product, and target audience inside and out, we meld inventive ideas with strategic marketing tactics. The result is an environment that engages your customers tangibly while heightening your image—and spurring action.

TEC’s team of creatives loves churning out new ideas and watching our clients’ faces when the on-paper concepts are translated into real life. We’re an environmental branding agency that is great at brainstorming, and we’re even better at building.


Each of our environments is founded in a careful strategy that strives to reach your ultimate objectives — and leave you with a positive ROI. We customize our strategies to your goals, needs, and current resources — through deep research, consulting, market analysis, trade show selection, and beyond.

The result is an environmental branding design that integrates strategic marketing, promotes your products, and drives sales through a sensory and vivid experience.

We’re above our competition because strategizing is what we do. We’re not looking to build some bland setup that just any company could create. We aim to find your brand’s voice and capture the look and feel of what you do using 3D displays that mimic your working world. You’ve partnered with us, so consider us part of your team. As such, your brand is our brand, and we’ll do it justice as though it’s our own.


Environmental branding thrives off gorgeous fabrication. At TEC, we’re experts at conceptualizing, creating, and designing environments with an array of materials and technology. We work with wood, metal, acrylics, and beyond to create the physical assets your brand needs to invite and inspire. 

We love building brands’ concepts into real-life environments. This love for the building part of the process makes us unique from many of our competitors.

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The Exhibit Company, Inc.
With innate creativity, original designs, and efficient technology, we conceive and create extraordinary displays— tradeshow booths, store environments, strategic events, and more — that bring your brand to life.