Technology has made incredible advancements over the years, inching its way into all types of industries. Even exhibit design firms have found a way to incorporate technology into their custom displays. Here at The Exhibit Company, Inc., we use technology to create touchable 3D experiences. These displays welcome interaction and are effective at developing memorable encounters.

Exhibit design firms like The Exhibit Company, Inc. continue to find new ways to integrate technology into their designs. Let’s examine a few of the ways that these advancements are already being used in their creations.

Touchscreens Free Up Time and Resources

With the rise of smartphones and tablets, people are naturally comfortable using touchscreen devices. Therefore, when visitors walk past a display and notice a touchscreen, they are instantly drawn to it. Interactive touchscreens are effective at delivering information and adapting to each user. This technology is also cost effective and environmentally friendly. We never hesitate to use touchscreens in our displays to enhance the user experience.

Mobile Apps Allow for Effective Lead Capture

Trade show apps bring the best technology to exhibitors. These apps allow for lead capturing, optimizing event success and driving ROI. Having contact information stored in a neat, organized manner is far better than having a fish bowl of names. As exhibitors can more easily measure the success of their trade show events, they see the value they’re getting from attending conventions and investing in custom booths. You can find some of our favorite lead capture apps in a previous post.

Digital Graphics Can be Adapted to Each User

We can’t ignore how good digital graphics have become over the years. Traditionally, printed materials were most popular for trade shows. The problem with printed materials is that they need to be re-printed for each show. This requires time and costs money. Digital graphics, on the other hand, are cost- and time-effective. Though the equipment can be an initial investment if not rented, digital displays can be used over and over again.

Technology Allows for Flexibility

Lastly, design firms like ourselves have a greater degree of freedom and flexibility because of advancements in technology. We can serve our clients better and provide individualized, immersive experiences. For example, custom smartphone apps offer new ways for exhibitors and visitors to connect and displays can be tailored to each person’s needs. Additionally, online tools such as social media and email are helpful for engaging with audiences before and after the event.

Technology has significantly benefited the exhibit design industry. As exhibitors see a greater return from their investment, they won’t hesitate to take advantage of more trade show events. This means more business for exhibit design firms as well as the opportunity to build bigger, better booths.